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BWS Instapour_Endframe_v05.jpg
PROJECT: InstaPour
AGENCY: M&C Saatchi

ECD: Avish Gordhan & Mandie van der Merwe
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Sharon Edmondston
ART DIRECTOR: Sam Rowlands
ART DIRECTOR: Jackson Elliot
CRAFT: Matthew Harrington
DESIGN: Tane Potaka
ANIMATION: Bojan Bogic
PRODUCER: Allison Dunlop

Between the precise ingredients, perfect proportions and gadgets required, making the perfect cocktail isn't easy. 

So we created a series of Instagram Stories designed to make cocktail making the easiest thing out, all you need is a phone and jar. 

The Challenge 

Since people use their phones for everything these days... what if BWS put a practical and free cocktail book right in customers’ pockets?

What we did 

So we created a design system that corresponds to liquid measurements, turning a phone into a cocktail book and measuring device

Every cocktail is created in a jam jar - propped up on its lid. By holding the phone next to the jar, the user is able to measure the perfect ratios by matching their pour to the animated markings on-screen. All that’s left to do is add ice, stir or screw on the lid of the jar and shake. Users can decant it into an ideal glass or drink it straight from the jar. 

Not to mention its shoppable - A simple swipe up takes users straight to the key ingredients on the BWS online store. Making it even easier to access everything you need to make the cocktails you want. 

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