Sam Rowlands 

is an Australian contemporary Artist, Designer and Art director living in Sydney.

Ok, let's get to the interesting stuff, shall we? (while still pretending this 'about page'  isn't written by myself) 

From a working property outside a tiny town called Mandurama, Sam has worked as a fashion designer, UX/UI, print and branding designer before finding her career as an Art Director.

Sam's Art practice, tiptoes between the balance of perception, structure and fluidity. Fascinated with line work, block colours and texture, she plays with the connection between body, landscape and pigments.

Her Sculptural works have featured in Vivid, Tortuga Night Garden and Sydney Fringe Festival.

She functions as a conceptual creative above all. Her works are embedded in form, space and colour while focusing playfully between perception vs expectation and 'let's just make something' realms. 

Sam believes that confidence in one's work is beautiful and critical while an ego is the death of true creative growth.