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Gucci Run, Don't Run 

PROJECT: Gucci Run

ACD: Ellen Fromm
ART DIRECTOR: Sam Rowlands
COPYWRITER: Agri Ibrahim
CRAFT: Emma Nikolovski
ANIMATION: Partners In Crime 

What if a pair of Gucci sneakers could do the opposite of the category and provide the stillness we all crave?

So, Gucci asked their audience to stop.

What we did 

Leading by example, Gucci launched by pausing all social and web activity for three days, a rare opportunity for their teams to find flow. The stillness made all the noise needed.


We outran the competition  

The objective of this global, digital re-launch of Gucci Run was to attract new and current customers by positioning the sneaker in a distinctive way, without focusing on performance or technical product aspects .

A week after the campaign launched, Gucci Run had increased sales in the men’s sneaker segment by +25%. Overall e-commerce sales increased 178% from the previous month. EMEA and NORAM also saw very positive impacts, +29% and + 80% respectively, on their average weekly sales.

In the two weeks of the campaign, August 18 to 31, total organic engagement was 198K on Instagram, with a total of 6.5M on Instagram and 2.5M views on TikTok across the assets.

This work is a teaser for a larger campaign that will further explore the untapped potential of flow.

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