Sam Rowlands 

From a cattle farm out side Orange, Sam followed her career ambitions in fashion design to Sydney and London. She is an emerging designer who recently has graduated with honours from UTS for fashion and textile design. Sam is aspiring to take her menswear design skills into the industry, both nationally and internationally. She enjoys working with leather of intriguing colours and strives to push societal norms and expectations within fashion design.

She is a highly print based designer creating all her own art works and has generated her own leather printing technique. Inspired by technological innovation, with the help of Adrian Levett a skilled CAD designer, Sam has designed and created a 3D printed mesh forming her own 3D fabric solely from a 3D printer. 

Sam's aesthetic is a combination of moody high contrast colours with a humorous tone. She strives to be innovative, fresh and captivating, using design as a platform to speak her mind and show onlookers her world.


Sam Rowlands loves to challenge gender expectations and play on societal norms. Her inspirations are consistantly conceptually deep and integrated within the question "why we are how we are?"

She is inspired by kids, colour, art, collage, music, fellow designers and technology.