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Craft. Camera. Action.

The school holidays are hardly a holiday for parents. It’s stressful and quite a lot of effort to think of new activities to constantly entertain the kids. Then there’s the cost of it all. And worst still – being hit with a last-minute lockdown and not having anywhere to go at all.

So we created Craft Camera Action a world-first digital tool that turns your craft into a movie.
And little stay-at-home monsters into makers.

Delivered through Facebook Messenger, kids and parents create bespoke characters to feature in our film - The Big-Headed Bilby with odds and ends lying around the house. Once created, it’s a quick photo and upload before their creations are animated seamlessly into our heartwarming tale about diversity and acceptance.

After a cure for the lockdown crazies? Give Craft, Camera, Action a go here.

Shortlisted for Innovation. Creative Pool winners announced soon

Copywriter: Rubini Gun